SBT Airdrop

The first decentralized exchange union in the World!

。Embracing the future : The first crypto-dividends token base on 0x protocol.

。Advanced structure : Off-chain order relay on-chain settlement to have both security and efficiency.

。Share orders with 0x protocol based teams in the order-pool!

。Bonus Sharing : Fee-sharing system makes all SBT holder benefit collectively!

。Asset safety : No need deposit, self-managed private key empower full control of token assets.

。Private protection : No forcing requirement of register, trading through own wallet enhance privacy.

。Trustless system:Open-source and transparent platform through smart contracts.

。Last chance : join exclusive token air drop and get SBT for free! Following STAR BIT telegram to get advanced information!

The airdrop event is over, please pay close attention to the telegraph group for more details!!

The statistics are completed. At present, some account that invalid and violated rules have been deleted. Please use the wallet address to check the Airdrop information.

SBT token description

Star Bit Token (SBT) is a next-generation, digital asset based on Ethereum blockchain. The maximum supply of SBT are 100 million, issued by the STAR BIT® and complies with the ETH ERC_20 Token Standard. Unlike traditional fiat money, STAR BIT® uses Ethereum smart contract to permanently write down the sum of SBT to solves the problem of token forgery, guarantees that no one is able to issue additional SBT in the future. SBT can trade off transaction fees on STAR BIT® decentralized exchange or exchange to other ERC_20 tokens directly.

In order to promote the security and advantages of decentralized exchange to the public, holders of the SBT will receive regular dividends which are coming from partial fee income of the STAR BIT decentralized exchange. Relatively, funds from ico and fee income can be continuously invested in platform updating and promoting to attract more users, forming a win-win economic system for both holders and STAR BIT.

・Please follow instructions to complete missions and earn corresponding SBT.

・Share your referral link to friends to accumulate more SBT ( maximum up to 10000 SBT ).

・SBT will be issued to your wallet dirrectly after ICO activity.

・Any behavior of cheating, hacking to earn SBT is prohibited and invalidated.